How much does landscaping improve home value?

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When it’s time to sell your home, determining its value is usually first on the list.  The big unknown is how much does landscaping improve home value?  The answer is not an exact measurement, but landscaping is an integral part of a home's overall value.  There is a consensus that if the property is well maintained and looks appealing (especially compared to similar properties in the neighborhood) this can increase the property value by as much as ten percent.  If the landscape is clean nicely designed, it will look newer and more appealing; thus, it is likely to receive a higher valuation from an appraiser or potential buyer.

There are a few things to keep in mind when landscaping to improve home value:

  • As often as possible, try to select plantings and hardscape materials that require less maintenance.  If the landscape is easier to maintain, it will often look nicer more of the time and cost less overall. For example, plant evergreens that do not require clean-up all year instead of a tree that is constant work, or install a simple fountain next to a slate patio instead of a koi pond.
  • Outdoor structures (such as a porch, deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, shed, and greenhouse) are generally listed on a home appraisal report. Related to landscaping, these may be some of the most significant ways to increase home value.
  • Consider adding features that will simplify home maintenance, such as an in-ground sprinklers or drip system.
  • Small touches can have an impact.  For example, solar lighting along a walkway is an example of how landscaping improves home value.
  • The curb appeal is the best way to make a first impression. Remove or cut back large bushes that hide the front of the home. The view from the front should be attractive, clean, and well maintained.  This sets the tone for what a person can expect and may also improve home value.

Landscaping is an investment

A home is an investment – that we know – and the landscaping is an investment too.  If you are not looking to sell your home but will be starting a landscaping project, you may still want to do what you can to improve home value by selecting one design or landscape feature over another. 

Before each landscape design project, think about how much work it will be to maintain.  Purchase quality plantings that grow well in your area and materials that are known to last.  Don’t shy away from asking a professional landscape designer for their help.  A quality landscape design and regular gardening service can save time and money overall.   When it comes time to sell, you won’t have to spend as much time in the yard, frantically sprucing up the place, and can concentrate on the inside of the home instead.

Quick landscaping to improve home value

For those who are in a hurry to sell their home and looking for ways to increase home value quickly, there is not much that can be done in a hurry…just clean, trim, and freshen.  Think of weeds as “clutter” in the yard that makes it look old and worn-out instead of fresh and new.  Painting pots, staining decks, and spreading mulch can make a place look much more attractive.  These improvements may not influence an appraised value nearly as much as outdoor structures and landscape features but could catch the eye of a buyer.

For help with making improvements to your landscape when selling your home, or after buying or building a new home, contact us at Spring Greenworks. 

If you recently purchased your home, or if you have lived in it for awhile, share with us your favorite landscape feature.  We look forward to hearing how landscaping has improved your home's value.